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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

The Fault in our Stars is a book of two cancer patients. The main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, is terminal, and there is Augustus Waters who had his leg amputated. They meet at a support group and become friends. Augustus uses his Wish to take Hazel, her mother, and himself to Amsterdam to meet with a famous writer, of their favorite book. They are now awaiting to meet the author in An Imperial Affliction to see what happens after the girl in the story dies. This is as far as I have read to far. They met the man and thought he a terrible person. He turned into a drunk with no life (his book was written for his daughter who had died from cancer 22 years ago). When they get back from Amsterdam Gus goes in for a test and his cancer has come back, everywhere. He turns very, very sick. Hazel is still on the oxygen tank and doing well for her condition. About a month after they got back Augustus died in his sleep. Hazel got a call from his mother giving her the news. At his funeral she ran up and kissed his cheek and saw Peter Van Houghten. Hazel was very depressed at the passing of her boyfriend, but she survives with the support of her parents.

The End.