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Paper Towns - John Green

Margo still hasn't been at school, graduation is right around the corner and no one knows where she went. Agents come and go to see if anyone knows where she went. But, she left her clues as always. Q has been desperately looking for any clues to find out where she went. He finally finds some leading to a small paper town outside of New York. He found this out right before graduation. He tells his friends and they agree to skip graduation and drive to Margo. They take the mini van Quentin was gifted earlier that day for his graduation gift. They perfectly time out of when and where they can stop to arrive before Margo leaves. They finally get there and Margo is still there. This isn't the typical love story of a warm embrace, Margo gets pissed off at them for coming. She wanted to leave and never come back, but how could she do that when she's being followed? They talk things over and the next day Q begs her to come back. Margo refuses, she has more places to see. The real Margo Roth Speigelman isn't who anyone thought she really was. She's her very own person and not who anyone thought she really was.